Yet another underwater volcano discovered

A sonar vehicle searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet was lost after striking an underwater volcano.

25 Jan 2016 – The vehicle — called a towfish — was being towed behind a search vessel in the southern Indian Ocean when it struck a 7,200-ft (2,200 m)-high mud volcano, according to the Joint Agency Coordination Center.

Mud volcanoes in Gobustan, Azerbaijan - Wikipedia
Mud volcanoes in Gobustan, Azerbaijan – Wikipedia

As a result, the towfish’s cable broke, sending the vehicle and 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) of cable to the ocean floor.

As opposed to igneous or magma volcanoes, which erupt with lava, pressurized gases, hot water, and various sediments that have been heated deep below the earth’s surface create a mud slurry that is forced upward through a geological fault or fissure.

This is yet another instance of non-human-caused ocean warming.

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“Seems like we keep finding more under water volcano’s of all types searching for downed jet,” says Squatterman.

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  1. Am I missing something here?

    They ran into a 7,200 foot high mud volcano, which I presume, they were not aware of its existence, or even saw it coming with sonar or anything else. But they think they can find a plane that is a couple hundred feet long!

    In essence, can’t see a mountain, but can see a tree on the mountain. Furthermore, they are searching for this plane in vast ocean of a several million miles square.

    Seriously, if you don’t have any idea of what the topology of the sea floor is like, as in missing a 7,200 foot mountain, what is the point of looking for this plane? Think about it, 7,200 foot high MUD volcano. Once a jet of only 200 feet (and I am sure it after impact the jet destructed in much smaller pieces) settled into this MUD terrain sea-floor, you would pick up absolutely nothing on any sensors after all the mud that would settle on it.

    What is on this plane that is so important that they are still searching for it? It seems highly unusual.

    • theres a missing cargo of 2 or so tonnes or more depending on whos account that they seem to want the cargo list to NOT show what it was..
      and some four chinese nationals who held a patent on some new whizzbang gizmo were on it as well. some say they werent on the passenger list BUT they havent shown up in person saying theyre alive either I gather.
      thing is a whole slew of nations with spyeye radar etc in a heavily travelled region and good old Deigo Garcia within cooee of one of the sightings..
      and no one “saw” a thing?
      the RRengines were pinging info back for hours after it supposedly vanished also.
      whole LOT of smelly issues..might explain the hunt , take your pick 😉

  2. the only good thing about the insanely expensive ocean scanning is this..they will have logs n maps of the seafloor we didnt have prior
    but the massive costs so far…mean they better find some useful mineral or other deposits
    aus govt ie US taxpayers are funding this..the other govts arent doing much , and we had the least amount of missing nationals on the damn thing!
    the plane?
    I doubt its anywhere near the areas theyre looking in:-)

  3. When the search first started, one oceanographer admitted that we know much more about the surface of the moon than we know about the Indian Ocean floor and the floor of other seas in that part of the world.
    There is an awful lot the scientists don’t know – except they know how to predict the exact temperature, sea level, etc. for 100 years from now.

  4. I seem to remember, something Google maps had, an ocean view. Seems as they used old radar data from one particular sattelite, and produced a current map as of then. I always wonder why it was pulled offline. Until as someone noted, on position of a sub off a foreign country. Sounded if one of the researchers needs it now, so they could miss the mountains, and look for molehills.

  5. Several things peculiar about this story. The chief is, as Dorian points out, that they encountered an unexpected mountain. I used to trawl of the coast of Northern California and we were perpetually tracking the sonar, the chart and any visible landmarks to avoid snagging one of the many drowned stone pinnacles off the coast – they’re similar to examples that can be seen today along the coast – but typically are now under from 90 to over 200 feet of water. They formed during the Ice Age while sea levels were lower. Because of the lag between detecting an obstruction on the SONAR and a surface maneuver affecting the course of the trawl lines we could potentially snag one of the stacks even though we knew its position if we were even a little off course. Forward looking SONAR should have detected the mountain and the crew should have been able to reduce speed and pull the array up and out danger. So it sounds like someone was as asleep at the wheel. Concerning mud volcanoes, there is relatively little heat involved and the depressurization as the mud “erupts” tends to cool it significantly (that’s how refrigeration works after all). So, the short form is, no warming to speak of.

  6. Well, Laurel, there’s the seed for a new novel!
    How about this:

    Four Chinese have perfected a perpetual motion machine that produces free electricity that would empower all the world’s poor people. They have been offered production facilities overseas, but the offer was simply bait to lure them and their prototype out of China.
    The plane is hijacked by the world’s elite and the Chinese inventors and their prototype taken to a secret underground city that has been created for the elite to escape to when the ice age sets in in earnest and people are rioting and fighting in the streets for food.
    So, the elite get free energy and the poor people get the shaft.
    Sound believable? (By the way, I believe the PPM uses giant magnets to do its stuff.)

    I hereby relinquish all rights to this idea. Anyone is welcome to it.

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