New York Governor deploys National Guard to deal with massive snowfall

New York Governor deploys National Guard to deal with massive snowfall

As much as 6 feet (1.8 m) expected.

NY Thruway near Buffalo - Photo courtesy: Office of the Governor
NY Thruway near Buffalo – Photo courtesy: Office of the Governor

The snow has gotten so bad in Western New York that Gov. Cuomo has called out the troops.

“We are deploying the National Guard to ramp up efforts to keep Western New York residents safe and to assist storm recovery efforts in any way possible,” said Cuomo as some areas hunkered down for as much as six feet of snow.

“Travel bans and advisories remain in effect, and I urge drivers to stay off the roads so that our state agencies and the National Guard can assist those that need help.”

The powerful storm, expected to continue into Thursday night (at least) has led to a slew of road closures, including parts of I-90, I-290, I-190, Route 5, Route 219 and Route 400.

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See also, “Up to six feet (1.8 m) of snow for Buffalo through Thursday”

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  1. I remember many years ago Toronto got one big whopper of a snow storm and Mayor Mel Lastman called in the military to dig out the city. I wonder if Gov. Cuomo will end up getting the same amount of teasing and ridicule that Mel has received since then. Every city in Canada has never let Toronto forget that event as people still talk about today. If memory serves me correct it happened in 1999.

    • I’m thinking it’s going to come to that all over the country.

      I’m looking at Breckenridge, Colorado’s weather(who has already had 3 feet of snow) and it looks like they may add another foot or more by Thanksgiving, those are mid-January conditions.

      Knowing the intensity of winter storms is going to increase for the next three months, I wondered how much snow is too much ? I’m not sure if there can be too much snow at a ski resort, but there certainly can for Buffalo, Syracuse and Boston. If those storms keep coming, cities like those that get hit the worst in winter may have week long shutdowns.

      It’s a good thing the usa spent billions to stop global warming and not on snow plows, road salt and de-icing machines.

      • “how much snow is too much ? I’m not sure if there can be too much snow at a ski resort” Oh yes there can, look what happened in Scotland last year, there was so much snow it was reaching up to the chairlifts, therefore they couldn’t operate.

  2. Don’t you just LOVE all this Mann-Made Global warming?
    The worshippers in the Church of Al Gore will undoubtedly blame this, and all the other, early and extremely heavy snow fall on Mann-Made Global Warming, and evil CO2.

    • Actually, lake effect snow is more powerful when the Great Lakes are warm, so you could say that ‘warmists’ actually are right where heavy snowfall at the side of the Great Lakes is concerned.

      Not that I believe in ‘global warming’, but in this case, meteorological measurements tell us that it is true.

      • The lake effect happens when the water is warmer than the air. Since it got cold so fast, the lakes haven’t had a chance to cool as quickly.
        So the lakes are not warmer than normal – the surrounding air is just that much colder.

        No global warming affect at all.

      • The lakes are colder than last year. The air mass that descended over the Great Lakes is ice cold.

        Tell me again how the Global Warming people are correct?

    • Archaeologists will probably find the remains of Church of Global Warming devotees in a terminal moraine somewhere in the former central United States perhaps 110,000 years in the future. No doubt one of the scientists will dryly state that these bones are from an evolutionary experiment called Homo Political Correcticus that failed due to behavioral and psychological problems that made the species maladaptive in a period of adverse climate conditions.

  3. Time for a little payback, regards no ice cap in the north, no snow etc. Lets try to find out the addresses of the most rabid of the global warmists, and make sure their driveways/streets are not cleared, of all this global warming.

  4. To my surprise this item has been on Dutch (government) television news. The coldest november in the USA for the last 50 years, average night frost for all states minus 7 C, freezing in all states, including Hawaii and Florida, 2 meters of snowfall in Buffalo NY and more snow to come in the state of New York. Four people died because of snowstorms. That was the only part that was inaccurate, since a lot more people have died.

    • —here in England the latest News reported it as being the coldest in 40 years. They can’t even sort that out.

  5. I hope it sets a new world record for 24-hour snowfall. Would go a long way toward discrediting Hussein’s recent climate edicts in China.

  6. Educationally disadvantaged (politically warped) carbon cultists are being used by Wall Street and others who will $ profit from Carbon Tax schemes. There are only computer models. There is no impirical fact and govt have created a new $ I based industry in grants to institutions and individuals.

  7. Just back from 6 days in NW Mi. There was snow and cold but my big takeaway is that this storm had the look and feel of not only being in late December but, the 1950s. Basically, no real daylight for a week when I left. Driving anywhere near the Lake was surreal as it was essentially following tire tracks through a steel gray tunnel with frequent white outs. Because it is so early I actually was in one leaf out i.e. leaves and snow in a snow twister in the middle of the damned road. My cousins that are in their 60s remember this type of weather when we were kids and are not in the mood for a repeat.

  8. LOL! I was trying to find a way to share this exact same picture with you, and then clicked over here to find you beat me to it.
    That is some serious global warming.

  9. I thought I’d see what weather was supposed to be like in November in New York:

    NYC Weather in November

    November offers good weather for visiting New York City – it can be warm enough to spend a lot of time walking around until late, there are many outdoor activities in Novemner, but it might be rain from time to time so be prepared and always carry a bottle of water with you

  10. what happened? I thought kids were not supposed to see snow ever again by now in winter, much less in mid November????? Looks like the greatest lie since the discovery of fire!

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