What is REALLY going on in New York?

Airports running out of jet fuel… See this and other nightmare articles

“A lot worse than it’s being portrayed in the media” … “Finding bodies left and right”…

‘They forgot about us’…

Fights for fuel getting nasty – Drivers Waiting 6 Hours For Gasoline…

Tempers Rise in Wake of Storm…

Residents yell at Sen Chuck Schumer: ‘We’re gonna freeze! We’re Gonna Die!’ – Video

Craigslist: $15 a gallon…

Potential Nor’Easter looming for East Coast

Citizens throwing things at utility workers…

Red Cross Offering Cookies & Hot Chocolate, Not Blankets Or Clothes – Residents Furious…

Staten Islanders Plead: ‘We need food, clothing’…

‘Staten Islanders angry! You’re going to run a marathon … while we’re knee-deep in water?…

VIDEO: Stranded New Yorkers Defecating in Apartment Buildings…

In order to pump the gas, you need electricity…

NJ town enacts 70s style gas rationing…

“What was it you said, Robert.. in ‘Not By Fire But For Ice’?” asks Caroline in West Virginia.
“I think we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered in ice”.


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  1. “What was it you said, Robert.. in ‘Not By Fire But For Ice’?” asks Caroline in West Virginia.
    “I think we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered in ice”.

    I think she’s right, but the beginning of the process that will bring the “ice” could well be the cause of the food riots.

  2. guess a lot of people will now wake up and stop laughing at “preppers”
    bad thing all round and yeah…where? is FEMA..
    so much for all the billions and manpower they have, seems the military and nat guard are still far and away a damn sight more reliable and on the ball.

  3. I honestly don’t know how this will play out but the prudent thing to do is have food stored. I typically have 6 months or better and once I build my house I will up it to 1 year or 2. I think it is insane that we are burning food in our gas tanks. This is the absolute stupidest thing we could do. I have 300 acres a 30gpm well and a 50 acre lake in Texas. So if the crap hits the fan I have a place to hide and neighbors who can shoot.

  4. A month’s worth of food for one adult is about $110.00 on ebay. It comes in a 5 gallon bucket, lasts 10-20 years, and stores in a closet.

  5. The people of New York were the most generous and supportive in the entire country when we went through hurricane Katrina. It hurts to see them in the same situation.

    The real message here is that it can happen to anyone! Dark hungry chaos is always only a few days away.

    Chip, New Orleans

  6. So where is lame left wing media? When hurricane Katrina hit all we heard was that all of the problems of administering aid was due to the failings of president Bush. Obama shows up for two hours in New Jersey to tour the ruins and he is hailed as a hero by the press.

  7. Reporting from NY: in most of NY it’s annoying but not impossible. Gas lines are the worst, since fuel barges were held back by the Coast Guard until they could check the harbor for debris. If you have a single-family home, though, you should own a generator or have some backup electric power source – there are long lines of people waiting at the few open gas stations with gas cans, to fuel their home generators. Only in the Zone A areas that were flattened by the storm is it really bad, and in the public housing high rises where the criminals are preying on the residents.

  8. I feel for everyone on the east coast after living through the devistation of katrina. I know things are bad their but it could be alot worse. I know people who had to wait 6 months before they could even tear down what was left of there home. We had whole towns that were just buldozed because there was nothing left. After what we went through down here I don’t see them responding any faster on the coast. It just proves that even if you plan to evacuate that you need to have provisions and a way to take them with you. You can’t expect the government to provide you with supplies.Its up to us and our friends and family to pull together and prepare for the worst posibilities.

    • Richard… I know exactly what you mean.I live in Staten Island, and all I suffered was loss of power and a mess. Many others were not as fortunate, they lost everything including 23 lifes thus far.

      We have received minimal govt/city/state resources after 5 days. Bloomberg has done nothing during this but endorse Obama and create a controversy (marathon). If it were not for the bulk of other Staten Islanders whom took care of each other. They are receiving overwhelming donations and volunteers to clean up and help out in anyway possible. Whether it is sending down pizza, coffee, clothes, blankets,etc…

      This Island really is pulling together for one another. It’s quite amazing. The question now is getting them taken care of long term.

  9. As for storing food, My wife and I store food, We currently have a 1 year supply on hand which will rotate out regularly for us and our 6 kids. There’s some simple things you can do to have plenty of food on hand. Here’s a few pointers.
    Store Rice and Dry Beans They can be stored for years when store properly. We buy the one gallon gator aid drink. After drinking the gator aid we wash out the container and store rice in it. By doing this you have your rice in 1 gallon size plastic containers. Which reduces the risk of insects and the rice getting wet. by having multiply containers if one get damaged you only loss about 8 pounds, not the whole lot. We use the quart size Gator aid containers for Dried beans. Also as for protein, you can’t beat Peanut butter. 1 tablespoon a day will supply the average adult with enough protein for a day. You can get 80 servings in the big jars.
    We have also started canning Ground Beef, Bacon and Sausage. Very easy to can and then you don’t have to worry about the power going off. Of course we store other foods but the rice and beans are cheap and you can build many different meals from them.

  10. I have been reading this site for a long time and this is the first time I feel a need to comment. I live in the Poconos about a 100 miles from NYC. I am originally from the south and all I ever get is disdain from these city people and their alleged superiority to everyone else.
    I heat with coal exclusively at my home. It is cheap and efficient. I have Aladdin Mantle Lamps to use when the power goes down. I have the means to keep food. When the power went out here for four days, the only thing that changed was that I didn’t waste time on the internet. I cooked on the coal stove, made coffee, hot tea, made lots of hot water for dishes and washing. I invited my electric dependent neighbors over to listen to my Victrola while we ate chicken and rice and drank Baily’s and coffee. I have often been laughed at for having such an old fashioned home. I put it to them this way. 2012 is cold, dark and hungry. 1912 in my house is warm, dry, full of light and well fed.
    The point is. If you are dependent upon gas or electricity. Change it. These storms seem to be coming more often now,learn to depend on yourself, not anyone else.

  11. They better get it sorted out before Wednesday. Its gonna get cold. But hey this is the USA. We’ll figure it out. We always do. Good luck to all those crews working 24/7 to get the lights back on. Stay safe.

  12. For “us” that can think ahead it should not be a problem!!
    Compare this with Japan’s tsunami, the japanese people, no looting, no shouting, then the US has a problem??

  13. To think that before the storm hit, lefty NYC mayor Bloomburg announced at a press meeting that this was not going to be nearly as bad as Hcane Irene so he was not going to order an evacuation. Looked like he got pressured, probably by the state, and changed his tune a few hours later. NYC would have experienced 100s of deaths if that Bozo got his way.

  14. These “warmists” better pack up their 7 belongings right now while they have a chance and leave this country if they want safety – because people are getting angrier and angrier at them. They better leave because people are going to come after them -even in other countries.

  15. Well, out here in Oregon our OPB radio is saying (of course) that the storm was caused by – let’s all say it together now – global warming! Such drivel – my husband and I are elderly, disabled and living on SS but, we have been able to store about one month of food – at about 1500 calories per day which would last much longer if necessary while still making the stored food things we are allowed to eat (I have diabetes) we also can heat ourselves and cook with propane or our woodstove even though we don’t have much wood due to the expense. If we can be prepared to withstand reasonable disasters then anyone can – our 2 bedroom duplex is overcrowded but we still found storage space so we would still be warm enough and fed if the disaster had struck us. Still working on it though.

  16. What makes this particularly sad is we have the socialist-totalitarian police state installed by the Obama WH over the last 4 years amping up their Global Warming propaganda on news of Sandy’s impact and taking administrative action to shut down much need energy and heating production going into winter. Specifically, the EPA is is stoking the boilers red-hot to get coal-fired power generation and heat banded before the end of the year, on the chance Romney might get elected.

  17. Hurray for ya’ll on Staten Island Bookoflazy. While the takers in New Orleans whined about having to wait on the government, we in Mississippi rolled up our sleeves, got to work and took care of ourselves after Katrina. If you wait on the government to care for you from cradle to grave, you will loose everytime in more ways than one! Especially with this current crop we have in the WH.

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