You Have Entered the Covid Zone

Imagine, if you will, a strange, bizarre world where …

Thanks to Winston Smith  and Steve Hunter for this cartoon

4 thoughts on “You Have Entered the Covid Zone”

  1. I am reminded of a statement or a warning by Euripides. “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad.”
    Robert when is that ice age starting?

  2. I did find that the masks helped block the seasonal allergens that I have to put up with. Don’t mind staying indoors as I have plenty to do.
    Have not been tested yet for that bug, don’t intend to get one. You will be told you have the bug, even if you don’t, because there does not seem to be much differentiation between CV-19 and the common cold.
    And because I am not near other people at all unless I go to the grocery store and even then, it’s never crossed my mind that The Plague would be quite the Thing It Is Now.
    It’s that “social distance” thing separating us from each other. It’s teaching young children that other people are poison.

    Since the Steampunk crowd have taken over the Plague Doctor costume, I may just order that stuff from Amazon (very low price for the Plague Doctor mask) for Halloween.

    But trick-or-treating? No one in my neighborhood seems to have small children. I guess we’re just a bunch of Boring Old Folks. Fine by me.

    There are those Strange Times we were warned about.

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