Your life under the Green New Deal

Green New Dealers would bring our country its knees – except that they would get more money, power and control.
Please, please, please, you must read this.

Locking our nation’s abundant coal, oil, natural gas and petroleum liquids in the ground would have far-reaching impacts that have (deliberately?) received little media attention.
The GND would control and pummel the jobs, lives, living standards, savings, personal choices and ecological heritage of rural, poor, minority, elderly and working classes.

“Joe Biden doesn’t want to tell us whether he supports single-payer nationalized healthcare, packing the Supreme Court or eliminating the Senate filibuster,” writes Paul Driessen. “However, he has been open and consistent about supporting the Green New Deal, which would completely replace America’s fossil fuels with “clean, green” electricity and biofuel energy by 2035.”

“He and other GND proponents want us to believe this can be done quickly, easily, affordably, ecologically, sustainably and painlessly. My article this week presents the facts about what this “total energy and economic transformation” would actually do. It’s all pain for no gain.”


Your life under the Green New Deal

Your lives, living standards and world would suffer dramatically under a Biden-AOC-Harris GND

Paul Driessen

During the cantankerous September 29 presidential “debate,” candidate Joe Biden proclaimed “I am the Democratic Party.” He is in charge, he insisted, and his views will be Democrat policy. Others aren’t so sure – about that, about what his views actually are, or about how far to the left he would be pushed, prodded and pressured by Kamala Harris, AOC, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Antifa mobs, and coastal and blue city governing, academic and technology elites.

Mr. Biden has pledged to eliminate the Trump tax cuts, but has refused to say whether he supports single-payer nationalized healthcare, Second Amendment self-defense, packing the Supreme Court, eliminating the Senate filibuster, or adding Puerto Rico, Guam and Washington DC as new (Democrat) states.

Like Nancy Pelosi on ObamaCare, he wants us to vote for him, so we can find out what his positions are.

When he’s in California or Manhattan, he says he’ll ban fracking – which he claims to support when he’s in Ohio and Pennsylvania, where he needs rural and blue-collar voters who support and benefit greatly from this amazing technology. However, Mr. Biden does say he will put controlling Earth’s climate at the center of US foreign policy. So he strongly supports the Green New Deal (GND), which would completely replace fossil fuels with “clean, green” electricity and biofuel energy by 2035.

GND proponents want us to believe this can be done quickly, easily, affordably, ecologically, sustainably and painlessly – almost with the wave of a magic wand. Not a chance. Those in power would undoubtedly protect their privileged status. But the GND would control and pummel the jobs, lives, living standards, savings, personal choices and ecological heritage of rural, poor, minority, elderly and working classes.

Dependable coal and natural gas power plants will be replaced by intermittent, weather-dependent wind and solar power; gasoline-powered vehicles with electric models. That’s obvious.

But our nation’s abundant coal, oil, natural gas and petroleum liquids provide over 80% of the energy that makes America’s jobs, lives and living standards possible. Locking them in the ground would have far-reaching impacts that are far less apparent, and have (deliberately?) received little media attention.

In 2018, America’s fossil fuels generated about 2.7 billion megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity. But almost two-thirds of the nation’s non-exported natural gas served industrial, commercial and residential needs – including factories, hospital emergency power systems, and furnaces, ovens, stoves and hot water heaters in restaurants and tens of millions of US homes. That’s equivalent to another 2.7 billion MWh.

The nation’s 65 million cars, light trucks, buses, semi-trailers, motor homes, tractors, backhoes and other vehicles consumed the gasoline and diesel equivalent of yet another 2 billion MWh.

Altogether, that’s nearly 7.5 billion MWh that the Green New Deal would have to replace by 2035!

Even assuming the United States and world could mine, process and transport enough metals and minerals – and manufacture and transport all the components and finished equipment to make this happen – this brave new all-electric nation would require millions of onshore wind turbines, tens of thousands of offshore turbines, billions of solar panels, billions of vehicle batteries, billions of backup energy storage batteries, thousands of miles of new high voltage transmission lines, and billions of tons of concrete!

The GND would turn our Midlands – what elites denigrate as flyover country – into vast energy colonies. Millions of acres of farmland, wildlife habitat and scenic areas would be blanketed by industrial wind, solar and battery facilities, and power lines to electricity-hungry towns and cities. Windswept ocean vistas and sea lanes would be plagued by towering turbines. Birds, bats and other wildlife would disappear.

With mining still under assault in the USA, the metals, minerals, components and equipment would come mostly from China or Chinese companies in Africa, using vast quantities of fossil fuels, under minimal to nonexistent environmental, workplace safety, fair wage and child labor laws. This smells of slavery and racism – making us complicit in perpetuating it, and making it increasingly difficult for the United States to criticize or challenge China on human rights, pollution, military aggression or territorial expansion.

The GND would also mean ripping out, and throwing out, the natural gas appliances you now have, replacing them with electric models, and installing rapid charging systems for your cars. That will mean upgrading household, neighborhood and national electrical systems, to handle the extra loads.

Oil and natural gas are also feed stocks for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints, synthetic fibers, fertilizers … and plastics for computers, wind turbine blades, solar panel films and countless other products. Under the GND, we’d have to shut down those US-based industries, import feed stocks for them, or turn hundreds of millions of acres into biofuel plantations.

Up to 10 million high-pay petroleum, petrochemical and manufacturing jobs would be lost – with many replaced by low-pay, temporary or short-term jobs hauling, installing, maintaining, dismantling and landfilling wind turbines, solar panels and batteries. The GND would cost tens of trillions of dollars!

GND ringleader California wants the entire country to emulate its policies. Its families and businesses already pay the highest electricity prices in the continental USA – and are getting hammered repeatedly by blackouts. Now the state has mandated electric cars, cooking and heating. No more natural gas. How its legislators expect to generate all that extra electricity and avoid more blackouts, no one knows.

Families, factories, hospitals, schools and businesses used to paying 7, 9 or 11 cents per kilowatt-hour for 24/7/365 electricity better brace themselves for rude shocks. Under the GND, you’ll be paying 14, 18, 22 cents per kWh, as they do in green US states – or even 35 US cents per kWh, as they do in Germany. You’ll also be using twice as much electricity, and probably experiencing repeated power interruptions.

Get used to having electricity when it’s available, rather than when you need it, however “essential” your business services or family needs might be. How you will survive, whether your job will disappear, whether you will join the ranks of those who must choose between heating and eating, is anyone’s guess.

A week of cloudy weather will really reduce solar output – and wind turbines generate roughly zero electricity on the hottest and most frigid days. Be careful where you live or need to recharge your EV.

As to all those electric vehicles, a basic $39,000 Model 3 Tesla sedan has a battery module that weighs some 1,200 pounds and gets around 250 miles on a charge. Just don’t use the heater or AC, don’t take long family trips, and don’t get caught in a blizzard, or a traffic jam trying to escape a roaring forest fire.

How many tons of batteries a bus, semi-truck or mining excavator would require, where you’d put them, and how many hours a day you’d waste recharging them, are other important considerations. Perhaps Mr. Biden or Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has the answers.

The Obama Administration sent a heavily armed SWAT team into Gibson Guitar offices over a phony Endangered Species Act violation. Democrats refuse to condemn BLM and Antifa mob violence, arson and looting. How a Biden-Harris-AOC Deep State and its allies might respond to organized or even spontaneous resistance to Green New Deal dictates and impacts is pretty easy to imagine. So is their response to cities, counties and states declaring themselves “sanctuaries” to GND or gun control decrees.

Keep in mind, too: This entire GND energy, economic and living standards “transformation” is being justified by claims that we face a “climate emergency” and “ongoing ravages of climate change.”

It’s all a gigantic Climate Hustle. There is no climate emergency. Humans cannot control Earth’s climate and weather. Fossil fuel emissions have negligible effects. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; it is the miracle molecule that makes plant, human and animal life possible. Climate change and extreme weather have been “real” throughout history. What we are seeing today is in no way unprecedented.

Green New Dealers would bring us, our country and our planet enormous pain for no gain – except that they would get more money, power and control.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of books and articles on energy, environment, climate and human rights issues.


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  1. If they go to strictly renewable energy we will be paying a hell of a lot more than 22 cents per KWH. head to head renewables are 6 times the price compare to nat gas.

  2. Excellent, thank you Paul.

    “There is no climate emergency.” Exactly.

    Here’s ‘man-made’ global warming demolished in 3 minutes (500 words) …

    Another 3 minutes …

    IPCC needs to speak to GEOLOGISTS rather than opportunistic ‘climate scientists’ whose careers DEPEND on deceiving the public into believing that indisputable slight global warming is man-made (emissions of hugely beneficial CO2) rather than due to the just-ended (1937-2004) greatest solar surge in >10,000 years.

    IPCC is an agency of the shady United Nations (as is covid WHO), whose controllers seek global domination (they also control the banks, the media, Hollywood, WEF, EU, etc., etc.), so they need to keep you afraid and therefore obedient.

    • IPCC is just an arm of UN which wants to control the world. Behind this there are the real conspirators. Control the energy=control everybody’s life!

  3. Very clearly explained.
    The corporate-controlled media has to be dealt with.
    Years ago, economics ‘Nobel’ prize winner Ronald Coase argued that, just as there are legally mandated systems of safety standards for innumerable products and services, there could and should be standards for truth of information given to the public.
    Who must follow the standards, who sets them, and how they can be forced to preserve transparency in order to ensure honesty/truth are questions that need to be solved urgently!

  4. The further you move to ‘green’ power the more expensive it becomes because all manufacture of ‘green power’ is actually heavily subsided by fossil fuel in our economy.
    The plan is to bankrupt western Nations, that’s the real deal. China gets the green light to double their coal whilst we are suffocated. Don’t we have the god dam right to live too ! Naïveté and trust needs to be replaced with shrewdness, skepticism and cunning.

  5. The GND is part of a systematic plan perpetrated by a small group of globalist/elitists to destroy America. Without ample energy, the economy fails, our standard of living fails, and so on! If America falls, the rest of the western world falls leaving a power vacuum that they will fill. Global warming is a con designed to suck the gullible, the young, the college students in! This is all about ‘Agenda 21’ or whatever they call it these days … the creation of a NWO and a one-world authoritarian government built on socialism. The elites of the early 20th century, with names like Rockefeller, who created our modern financial/economic framework with their ‘world organizations’ and private central banking system, openly expressed their desire for a socialist system that would give them power over the world via their bureaucrat puppets! It’s happening!!!!

  6. There is one elefant in the room missing in this article That is Barack Husseyn Obama , who is completely controlling Joe Biden and Kamala Harris . Through his friends in the intelligence world he is capable to blackmail these two highly corrupt persons and to subvert them as his servants . Obama is a desperado , he is fighting for his last chance to regain his previous power and to become a zillionaire like Putin and Xi Jin Ping .The man is very devious and capable to play any dirty trick possible . The green is only a forefront for a completely agenda . Let us pray this is not going to happen!

  7. Makes no sense to raise a family, they will have a zero future where no amount of work will produce just rewards. Deborah Tavares at: goes into detail about agenda 21/ green new deal, she is on You tube.

  8. Planned-opolis, Communicty Agenda(s) 21/2025/2030/2040/2050

    Vitamin D and pandemic science
    “Dr. Fauci, locally known as ‘the little effer’, takes 6000 units of D3 per day…” (10x the ‘official guidelines)
    evil and D3 smart… just what one wants in international super eugenicist globalists wanting to avoid getting caught up in their own psyops/nets/and/or engineered bioweapon(s).
    What Vitamin D Level Reduces The Risk of Death From COVID-19? A New Study From Boston University

    Remember, “Dr. Fauci, is locally known as ‘the little effer’’… so if you’re not a ‘little effer’ 7000-10000 IU won’t hurt. Wow, so now ‘it looks like’ these new science clown guys are the-way-ahead-of-their-time-multi-letter-health-tech-gurus.

  9. Trump: Close the borders to avoid pandemic; Dems: Lock yourselves inside your homes

    Trump: Build a wall to stop trafficking; Dems: Only around my house

    Trump: Open businesses; Dems: Only I can get my hair done, my freezer has lots of ice cream

    Trump: Protect people against riots; Dems: Defund the police and pay for my private security

    Trump: People have freedoms Dems: Only if they are rioting

  10. Thanks for the article. It enumerates everything that is wrong with the GND and its offshoots, including loss of foodstuffs that we take for granted, and a massive loss of resources that contribute to biofuels, e.g., corn, wheat and soybeans. They aren’t raised solely for the food industry. There is far more to it than that.

    Furthermore, in regard to charging stations for EV vehicles, here is a link (below) to the network of available charging stations, which has been in place for a while now. It is called plugshare dot com.

    It starts with a map of the USA and as you enlarge it, you will see the very wide network of charging stations available IN EVERY STATE IN THE USA.

    The ignorance and gullibility that embraces the GND is appalling. During the first debate, Biden said it would take “only $100 trillion” to make it work, which is far more than even AOC had proposed, and she finally ratcheted that down to “over a period of at least 20 years”, because she got so much backlash for her proposal. Essentially, he’s talking about bankrupting the entire USA.

    Solar and wind power work fine on an individual household basis. I learned that long ago in Mother Earth News. They are NOT feasible on an industrial basis. That is being proven repeatedly in Europe, especially now in Germany where Merkel as had to approve returning to mining coal (destroying the Black Forest while she’s at it) because her numbskulled mismanagement of the power grid in Germany killed off an embarrassingly large population group, all ages, all income levels.

    The Greenbeaners or ecohippies or whatever you want to call them are brainwashed into thinking that the Earth itself is being destroyed, but will not give up their electronic junk, which can only be produced by destroying the areas where the minerals required to produce that junk are mined. That is not a joke, you can find info on it anywhere online.

    Biden is so brain-dead (and I dislike saying mean things about anyone, frankly) that he will say anything he’s told to say, even if he’s incorrect. It’s easy enough to look up a reference to a real source for whatever he says. He is 99% incorrect, the majority of the time.

    But yes, the left side of the political fence wants to get us all into a Marxist state, which they’ve been trying to do since the 1920s when the NKVD recruited Ernest Hemingway to write columns for their USA publications, and he was naive enough to do it.

    If the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, because it went bankrupt trying to annex Afghanistan, and Gorbachev had to close the Politburo and send everyone home because, as he said ‘We’re broke. We can’t do this any more. We are bankrupt” (not direct quotes, but I did watch it happen on TV), then when are those lessons going to be learned by these dimwitted doofuses who want everything their way?

    Well, the answer is “Never”, because they likely have never heard of any of that part of history, and know only the crap they are taught in school these days. They have never had a hungry day, or lived through a bitterly cold winter with little to no heat, or had to do with the inconvenience of no electricity (other than that caused by a storm), so no electric lights or computers or charging the iPhone – none of that.

    If you want to know how to cook when you don’t have electric power, try the Townsends videos on 18th century cooking and home construction. His instructions are worth your time.

    Thanks for the article. Please keep this in front of people. It is never, ever too late.

  11. Some times it is too late. See the short story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London. A series of mistakes coupled with the usual bad luck can kill you or your civilization. Like a car sliding on ice you can sometimes see what is about to happen but there is no longer anything you can do in the seconds left.

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