Yugoslavian Issues Warning To All Americans – Video

“Have you ever heard of ‘divide and conquer’? That’s what is going on in the United States right now.”_____________

Here are a few excerpts from the video:

“We didn’t realize who were the real enemies.”

“Your true enemies are not your fellow Americans. The ones who are, they want you to hate each other, and to kill each other, while they are taking away your constitutional rights, your freedom, and your country; your heritage, your way of life, and the future of your children.”

“The main cancer that is killing America, the one where all this mayhem is coming from, are the would-be tyrants in your own country.”


“Stop attempting to have a fact or logic-based rational conversation. Stop explaining yourself. It’s useless. You’re wasting your precious time and energy. They have a playbook, and changing their mind is not part of it. Have you ever heard of ‘divide and conquer’? That’s what is going on in the United States right now.”

“Remember, self defense is not violence.”

She has seen how Socialists took over Yugoslavia, and fears that our tyrants could do the same.

She wants us to tell our would-be tyrants that there is no room for Socialism in America.

Some of the comments following this video:

borgware: I was born in Yugoslavia and I can tell you she’s 100% on target. Looks like USA is be

PERFECT ANALYSIS! This is a tried and true formula right out of the Communist playbook. Some of us have recognized it for what it is all along, but unfortunately it’s much easier to fool most people than it is to convince them they’re being fooled. These so-called “protesters” imagine themselves as “revolutionaries” fighting for some noble cause when in fact, their unseen Communist masters consider them nothing more than tools and Useful Idiots.

Blagoje Krusic
The war destroyed my family now in the USA we are seeing the same thing happening again….

Mans Plenon
Yugoslavia was one of the world’s greatest nation; it still surprises me how that nation suddenly destroyed itself….this is some kind of closure for me.

Peter Sun
Coming originally from a communist country, this rings so true. 🙁

8 thoughts on “Yugoslavian Issues Warning To All Americans – Video”

  1. The party is the hive mind, non other need apply, heck, they ever reprocess their own every decade or so.

  2. Like Yugoslavia ,America and other multi ethnic empires posing as nations will eventually break up along ethnic and religious lines when the imperial power holding it all together fails. These days the imperial power is Globalist oligarchs, capitalists, communists, democrats, Jews, Freemasons, feminists and LGBTQ types. They borrowed too much, legislated too much, oppressed too much and overplayed their hand. When they are seen as the miscreants that they are then the revolt is likely.
    Their NWO will burn in the fires of war as new ethno-states are created. Multi ethnic states are not natural and therefore will not last once the enforcers lose credibility.
    Then it is game over.

    • Steven,
      The imperial power of the globalists does not hold America together. Ordinary, sane Americans are united in common humanity and with the common ties that bind every nation together. The “rioting” that you see is paid for by George Soros. Even the “death” that set it off was phoney.

      It is the globalists who desire to tear our national identity and solidarity asunder. There are no unmanipulated centrifugal forces.

  3. Looks to me like commie eugenics works… all the Yugoslavian Karens and libtards must have been Yuri Bezmenoved into oblivion. Never interrupt your allie when he is not making a mistake.

  4. Marxism has never been part of Nazi or Fascist ideology.
    Nazi or Fascist Ideology is the antithesis of Marxism. On the other hand Democracy, Capitalism and Marxism have always been run by the same middle eastern ethnic group and same secret societies.

  5. Americans will not take to the streets in mass at least until it is too late. A generation that has essentially faced no real challenges cannot fathom what is coming. Would they be willing to fight? Only taking their phones will enrage them enough to act.

  6. A bit of kremlim misguiding there? Peaceful pleasant Jugoslavia was a veritable paradise before they started hating each other??

    Or is she talking about the Twelfth Century?

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