Zero Emissions? Please hold your breath

Zero Emissions? Please hold your breath

“These evangelists (posing as energy engineers) want to force us back to the Middle Ages.” – Viv Forbes


Zero Emissions? Please hold your breath

By Viv Forbes

There are ivory-tower activists armed with computers who champion a “zero emissions world” where man’s activities release zero carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

These evangelists (posing as energy engineers) want to force us back to the Middle Ages where low-density green energy ruled – wood fires, whale oil lamps, charcoal forges, human treadmills, horse/mule/bullock power, weather-dependent wind mills and sailing boats, rain-dependent water wheels, intermittent energy from the sun, and rare geothermal heat.

Zeo emissions
Cartoons by Steve Hunter. Reproduction by permission

They oppose the main thing that sets us apart from all other species – the creation of continuous concentrated energy from modern fuels such as coal, oil, gas and nuclear power, and its easy transmission to every consumer via tankers, power lines and pipelines.

They have yet to explain how our massive mobile fleets of planes, tractors, harvesters, road trains, buses, trucks, dozers, graders, bob-cats, shovels, cruise liners, container-ships, tankers, battleships and submarines will be powered and lubricated by muscle power, wind power, sun power, water power, or the energy from burning wood or ethanol whiskey.

Zero emission tractor
Cartoons by Steve Hunter. Reproduction by permission

The future for refining, processing and manufacturing is easy – they will relocate overseas.

Still want zero emissions of carbon dioxide?

Victoria Aims for Zero Emissions:

Cartoons by Steve Hunter.  Reproduction by permission.

10 thoughts on “Zero Emissions? Please hold your breath

    • If you check out the C14 record for this interglacial you will find 140 year periods of warming immediately followed by pair of solar cycles which form a 32 year cool period, at least two of the cool periods; Spooer and Maunder had a second pair of cool cycles thirty years later which formed a 90 year cold period called a LIA or Little Ice Age.
      There have been at least 23 Solar Minimums pair cycles in the last 12,000 years coupled with a number of single cycle slowdowns like Solar Cycle (SC)20.
      The current solar disordered phase started with the 600BP Solar Minimum, this pair of cycles also accompanied a period of significant volcanic activity with three separate T6 and above eruptions. It also ended a civilisation in Central America and commenced the Dark Ages in Europe with the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire.

    • This is exactly why the Founding Fathers wrote the First Amendment, because unpalatable, or unpleasant ideas are often the ones that most need to be voiced. Somebody needs to tell the emperor he’s wearing no clothes, and not telling him, and forcing everybody to go along with the pretense, won’t make him any less naked.

  1. Quote:
    The future for refining, processing and manufacturing is easy – they will relocate overseas.
    Well that is at least 60% of most industrialised countries GDP. Where most of the profits, taxes ( to pay for these un-civil servants), payments to cover the NHS, and the rest of the infrastructure, modern civilisation needs to stay still never mind grow.
    We have just gone through a minor, worldwide GDP correction while the Chinese tried to have a soft landing from the excessive growth experienced over the last 20 years, and to control debt and middle class consumption. Nice work if you can get it.
    In the process, Europe caught an economic cold and has promptly blamed on it on BEXIT instead of an expected recession which the UK Treasury has already accounted for in the last budget.
    If the EU wanted to keep the UK in the club then it should have produced more of the necessary changes and reforms that are still needed. The EU and The Euro is a busted flush, Sothern Europe cannot complete with the industrialised North, and the Greeks still don’t have a solution to the excessive debt forced on them by the inflation petrified Germans.
    When you have a pressure cooker with a stuck valve, it shriek’s for a bit and then explodes. When the German Army next visits Paris and over stays their welcome, we should remind the French, its call free movement of peoples!

  2. At what point does an idea stop being science and become an ideology? Ideologies are based on untested hypotheses. The only way to test them is to put them into effect in a country on a large scale. The Soviet Union tested the hypothesis of communism for the better part of a century, and finally decided it didn’t work. China caught on a little sooner. Must we do the same with CO2 and climate change?

    • When a group belief system is adopted as science fact, which had it been properly peer challenged would have proven to have been a faulty model processing garbage data, who’s concept was barking up the wrong tree entirely, having discounted the source of the earth’s variable energy supply that isn’t supposed change more than 1%. Our Sun is UV variable star whose output changes by as much as 16% at the UV end of the spectrum; it is this variable energy source which truly drives our climate.
      This model is then used to produce a propaganda outcome by altering the model’s processing to produce the required political outturn, and lay the foundation for the religion to support the crusade against CO2 to control Hydrocarbon production to zero and make lots, and lots, of money for the favoured few.
      The Gaia Religion has always been in place, it has been adopted by the Green Anarchists to save the world from Humans and their evil technology. The Green’s would wish humans to return to the Stone Age and live as Amazonian Indians do today, as hunter gatherers in tune with Gaia, over watched by a small group of modern long lived Humans educated to current modern stands and mostly stemming from educationalist within the left leaning US university system.
      The other 95% of all humans are surplus to requirements, can you die off please in an orderly manner, and in sequence, so that those about to die bury the previous crop.

  3. “These evangelists (posing as energy engineers) want to force us back to the Middle Ages where low-density green energy ruled – wood fires, whale oil lamps, charcoal forges, human treadmills, ”

    Someone once summed up the results of this approach very succinctly:

    “I don’t want to live on turnips and die when I’m 29.”

    I recall reading an article in a very leftist, hippy-dippy publication back in the late ’70s or early 80s that said flat out that windmills would never be net producers of energy, and anyone who though otherwise was barking up the wrong tree.

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