The Best States To Buy A Family Home In

The Best States To Buy A Family Home In

It’s no secret for everyone that the current state of the economy is somewhat worrying to most people living paycheck to paycheck. As we see inflation continue to rise with no end in sight many people have turned to more drastic solutions to resolve their money issues. This is why over the past few years we have seen many people turn to downsizing, selling their homes to move into condos and apartments. For others though their solution doesn’t exist around them but somewhere else. This is why from certain states we have seen exodus where people are simply moving out to other states that might be more welcoming to their ambition to buy a family home. So, let’s look at some of the best states to buy a family home in 2023 and 2024.


To start us off let’s talk about the state of Wisconsin. During this article the way we will discuss the potential stays for you to buy a family home we will talk about the average prices but also many other things that might affect your decision. For example, when Wisconsin the average home sells for around $260,000 which is a pretty decent price when it comes to buying a home, especially in the day and age in which we live. From 2021 to 2022 Wisconsin saw its average price change when it comes to homes stagnate at around 10%. While it may not be the best rate the price balances things out. Another great part of living in Wisconsin is that if you are a first-time home buyer many programs exist on the state level to help you financially.


While the Bluegrass state is well known for its coal mining activities and its racehorses it is also known for having a pretty cheap cost of living when it comes to the United States of course. One of the realities is that Kentucky is a pretty poor state when it comes to resources nowadays and we’ve seen many hollers reach levels of extreme poverty over the past few decades. Nonetheless, if you are struggling Kentucky is a very cheap state to move into since home sales average at around $240,000 and the state has a pretty low effective property tax rate as well as a foreclosure rate that is below .025%, the lowest foreclosure rate of all 50 states. Wild it as fewer programs are offered to first-time home buyers than in Wisconsin the reality is that they still ask for programs that you might be able to benefit from.


Utah is of course a pretty weird state when it comes to moving and buying a home. While many know Utah is the home of the Zion National Park and one of the largest populations of Mormons in the United States it is also a great place to live. The main barrier dad comes to moving to Utah’s left cores is the very I price of average sales in the counties. One of the important things to think about when it comes to the Utah house market is that there is a very large disparity between expensive homes and low-income homes which means that higher price sales will spike up the average while many cheaper homes do not put a dent in the number. Utah has a lower effective property tax rate than Kentucky as well as Wisconsin.

North Carolina

When it comes to buying a home, North Carolina is a little bit of a doozy. On one hand, you can see lower prices than in Utah at around $350,000 but it is one of the states with the highest fluctuation rate when it comes to rising prices in the homes year by year. When it comes to property tax rates it is pretty on power with Kentucky adding a round .81%. One of the best benefits when it comes to moving to North Carolina is of course the many programs that are offered by the state to first-time home buyers. As of this year, North Carolina offers over five programs to help people who are looking to purchase their first property.


Pennsylvania is the second state with the highest effective property tax rate second only to Wisconsin on our list. Despite all this Pennsylvania offers double the state-funded help when it comes to purchasing a home that Kentucky does. The home prices are pretty comparable to the average home prices of Wisconsin which makes it a great bargain if you are trying to weigh the pros and cons of different states. One of the greatest parts of these programs when it comes to Pennsylvania is that many can work in concert with others so you might be able to benefit from multiple programs depending on your situation and the property you are looking to purchase.

As you can see many opportunities are open to you whether you are dealing with a realtor or simply a company that that buys homes. Businesses like priorityhomebuyers are a we buy houses company which means that they exist to get your property off your end so you can move somewhere else and find something that fits your needs better. What is your next destination is it Pennsylvania, Kentucky, or any other state the important thing is to find something that fits both your budget and your life quality needs. Finding the perfect family home can be quite a difficult ordeal but going through it with more knowledge is a great way to alleviate the stress caused by the many moving parts of the housing market.

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