Why TikTok Is Such A Powerful Marketing Tool

Why TikTok Is Such A Powerful Marketing Tool

Back in the early 2010’s the only way to consume media or to be faced with any sort of videos on the Internet was through YouTube. While many platforms I’ve come in to win such as Vine the reality is that nowadays YouTube is merely one player amidst a sea of platforms for videos online. One platform especially has taken the title of one of the biggest Internet-related businesses in the entire world. As you can imagine this company is of course TikTok. Whether you are an influencer or a business looking to expand its markets the reality is that TikTok is a massively important marketing tool that opens many windows that other platforms Wouldn’t have before. So, let’s take a look at why TikTok is so important and so big all around the world.

One of the most important things when it comes to understanding why TikTok is so massive with both young audiences and older audiences alike is the fundamental idea behind the platform. The idea behind the platform is of course to make massive numbers but also to adapt the content to people’s lifestyle. There is a profound understanding from the TikTok company that people don’t have a lot of time to consume media and being allowed to scroll through short videos is a great way to consume a lot of information rapidly. This is why many content creators are turning their attention to creating short content for this platform as it is a great way to reach people as many people are scrolling on TikTok a lot.

If you look at your life and how you consume media the reality is that if you want to watch an episode of a TV show on your phone it’ll take you around 30 minutes to an hour. When it comes to YouTube videos, we are often talking about 10-minute videos to hour-long videos as well. But if for example, you are taking the bus it is much easier to scroll through five different 2-minute-long videos than to sit down and watch a fully formed and written video. So, as you can imagine this format lends itself perfectly to advertisement. If you make it a short enough video all you have to do is capture the attention of your viewer in a few seconds and take another few seconds to deliver your message which means that even if the viewer scrolls away after a few seconds, you still manage to get your foot in the door.

But let’s look at an even bigger opportunity for advertisers as well as businesses looking to get eyes on their products or their web pages thanks to TikTok. Like any other website that is dependent on views and clicks you can get likes and views for social media platforms online. But you can also use the massive popularity of certain influencers to sponsor and make them promote your products. This way you are organically getting a lot of use in a lot of clicks that are meaningful and often you can even allow these creators to share coupon codes that will invite their viewers to reach out to your company or look potentially spending money with your company. So, as you can imagine whether you are a business big or small the reality is that this is a massive opportunity that you would be foolish not to take advantage of.

It is also important to understand that when we discuss this platform the reality is that it not only reaches across countries but also continents. This means that you can potentially reach markets that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise as TikTok has massive pockets of viewers in all sorts of countries and regions in the world. While countries like the United States feel threatened by the idea of TikTok being this massive of a platform the reality is that it is a bit too late to try to steep its growth as it has already surpassed the numbers that companies like Alibaba are doing. There is no denying that TikTok has a massive cultural influence as well as a massive marketing potential for many businesses that should not be overlooked. So, if you have a business no matter what size you should try to make sure that your business has a presence on this platform to benefit your potential sales or numbers. Whether you are looking to create your content or pay content creators and influencers for their skills the reality is that getting eyes on your content on this platform is always a good thing for your company.

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