How To Turn Your Apartment Into A Cyberpunk Haven

How To Turn Your Apartment Into A Cyberpunk Haven

Popular culture in 2023 was marked by the release of a DLC for a massive game that was reviled at its launch and became a critical darling many years later. We are of course talking about cyberpunk 2077 phantom liberty. If you are like many other gamers you might have become obsessed with the cyberpunk aesthetics as well as the storytelling of this game. Whether it is thanks to cyber punks’ amazing soundtrack or perhaps simply because of the incredible futuristic aesthetics you might be in the mood to turn your life into a bit nervier cyber punk-looking experience. So here are some tips to turn your apartment into a cyberpunk haven like a true edge runner.

If you spent enough time in Night City you might realize that most cyberpunk apartments don’t look that different from those we live in today it’s all about choosing the right aesthetics to fit a more cyberpunk-ish setup. This means that you can mail both your favorite aesthetics and a cyberpunk style together to create something unique as well as fitting in the cyberpunk universe. So let’s discuss some of the ways that you can do this ah now to think of your apartment as an artistic endeavor through a cyberpunk lens. First of all, it’s important to understand that it is not simply about understanding the cyberpunk aesthetics themselves but understanding what makes something look cyberpunk in a lived context.

While many cyberpunk guides will maybe try to encourage you to purchase things that look cyberpunk you need to understand that if you want your apartment to look cyberpunk it means that it needs to still have the same utility that it would have normally but in this cyberpunk way. So how does this work concretely? This means that you want things that are more futuristic looking you need things that still look more useful than futuristic. Since nowadays most things already have digital screens and things like that you might want to turn towards things that look a little bit more analog whether it is switches and buttons that can potentially look retro as well as futuristic at the same time. This might seem like an odd choice but if you look at items in the cyberpunk world you will notice that there is a lot of that already.

One of the big things that comes into mind when talking about cyberpunk is of course the lighting. This is probably one of the easiest things to replicate as you can cheaply purchase LED strips as well as LED-powered lamps that allow you to choose the colors that you want your apartment to be filled with. Having soft neon-colored lights tint your living space might be a great way to give it a more cyberpunk feel whether you choose a light fuchsia or some light green or teal. Taking inspiration from your favorite places inside of Night City might be a great way for you to know what you are looking for.

One of the great examples when it comes to meshing different types of aesthetics is looking at Valentino’s inside of cyberpunk. While many people who are dealing with apartments in cyberpunk spend most of their time on net space looking at this list of renters insurance or for potential room in a mega building the reality is that most people who are edge runners or mercenaries in the cyberpunk world don’t have these things to worry about. Meaning that they can decorate their places more lavishly. The Valentino shows a great example of how you can mesh more Western-looking as well as Latino-inspired inside design with a cyberpunk flair without losing sight of either of those aesthetics. If you have another type of aesthetic in mind you should look at websites such as Art Station or Pinterest to get some inspiration on what things you could integrate into your living space to make it feel both lift in and more cyberpunk. If you want to decorate your place in a cyberpunk way you need to not only decorate it but assemble it as a true living space without simply adding decorations that have no useful implementations. If you are looking for custom pieces you should look at websites such as Etsy to find truly cyberpunk-inspired items to put in your living space.

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