IPCC Fatal Error – Neglecting ocean thermal inertia

“Goodbye anthropogenic global warming.”
– Dr Roger Higgs

IPCC Fatal Error – Neglecting ocean thermal inertia

The Earth is now cooling, says geologist Dr. Roger Higgs. If the cooling continues, “man-made-global-warming believers will by 2021 have to admit they were wrong and that CO2 is blameless and that Svensmark’s sun/cosmic ray/cloud/temperature link is correct.”

IPCC’s 2013 report (co-author physicist Dr M. Lockwood FRS) says the sun “cannot explain global mean surface warming over the past 25 years, because solar irradiance has declined over this period,” Higgs points out.

Instead, says Higgs, the IPCC blames man’s additions of CO2, a gas that totals just 1/2500th [400ppm] of Earth’s atmosphere [near plant-starvation level], and a mere 1/10th of previous historical values.

The IPCC’s error arises because Lockwood assumes Earth’s average surface temperature reacts almost instantly to solar-output changes, with a time-lag of less than 3 years, says Higgs.

But that assumption is wrong.

When Higgs cross-correlated solar cosmic-ray and temperature graphs, he found that massive ocean thermal inertia causes, not a 3-year lag, but a 25-year lag.

This means that the sun CAN explain global mean surface warming over the past 25 years.

“The ‘man-made-global-warming’ idea is a fallacy whose time is nearly over,” says Higgs.

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