7 Great Gifts For Your Furry Friend This Festive Season

7 Great Gifts For Your Furry Friend This Festive Season

The festive season is an amazing and magical time of year. Not just for those that celebrate the religious holidays either. Society has changed a lot and now there is something for everyone during the festive period. But one group that often gets ignored are our pets. It is easy to forget that our furry friends deserve a little festive treat too. So we have put together this list of 7 great gifts you can get your furry friends this festive season.

1 Ambush Interactive Pet Toy

Playtime is an important part of a pet’s daily routine. It helps keep them both mentally and physically healthy. But animals, much like humans, will eventually grow bored of certain toys. Which is why the Ambush Interactive pet toy is a great gift for your furry friend.

These devices can move around on their own and have four slots that randomly shoot out different toys, such as feathers or little bells on a stick. The machine will engage your pets hunting instincts and provide hours of playtime for them.

2 A New Bed

Animals love comfy sleeping spots. Especially cats, who will assert their right to sleep wherever they want. So why not treat your furry friends to a new bed this festive season. There are hundreds of amazing pet beds out there. Ranging from small, snuggly ones, to larger enclosed beds that will let them feel snug and secure at night.

3 Paw And Nose Balm

The winter period can be tough for dogs. The cold air can dry out the skin on their noses, and the cold pavements can cause damage to their paws. Which is why we recommend getting a paw and nose balm to soothe and protect your dog. These balms help hydrate their skin and will protect them from further damage. The soothing ingredients will help relax them as well and boost their mood. A lot of them are made of all-natural ingredients as well, meaning you can be sure they are 100% safe to use.

4 Toy And Treat Subscription Box

While it is fun to spoil your pets during the festive season, there is no reason they shouldn’t get new toys all year round. And there are hundreds of amazing subscription services out there that make this entirely possible.

These toy and treat boxes are delivered to your doorstep every month, or two months if you prefer. They are filled with amazingly tasty, and healthy, treats. And a curated selection of toys based on the size and personality of your pet.

5 Hip And Joint Supplements

Our older pets do need a lot of extra care and attention, especially during the colder months. As they age their joints will become weaker and achier. And it is often difficult for your pet to express this discomfort clearly to you. Which is why we recommend adding some hip and joint supplements into their diet.

These supplements will ensure they are staying pain-free and mobile. Allowing them to go on walks and play to their heart’s content.

6 Dog-Friendly Ice Cream

Normal Ice Cream isn’t that good for dogs. They can have a little amount of it. But too much will cause them stomach issues. Which is why some clever people invented ice cream specifically for dogs.

Made with a minimal amount of milk, and often containing a number of helpful nutrients and supplements to boost your dog’s health, dog friendly ice cream is a fantastic treat that your furry friend is sure to love. And, like the toy and treat box subscription, you can find a few different dog ice cream subscription services to have it delivered directly to your door every month.

7 Pet Grooming Gloves

A lot of animals loved being groomed. And it is a great way to keep their coat healthy and bond with them at the same time. Sure, most dogs and cats will clean themselves to a degree. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a helping hand every now and then.

Grooming gloves are a fantastic way to groom your pet, allowing them to feel more connected to you. You simply put the gloves on and pet your dog or cat as normal. The barbs on the glove will groom their coat at the same time.

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